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What Do You Do To Treat Yourself?

Maybe you don’t like coffee and that is okay. The question is really asking whether you have given yourself permission to do something for you today.

Many of us feel guilty if we do things for ourselves or we may do them out of a feeling of guilt.

Allowing ourselves to self-care means we allow ourselves to have that cappuccino with a friend rather than stay home and do the dishes.

Most of the time, with a little planning we can care for personal wellbeing and that simple step is guaranteed to increase our productivity and well-being both at home and at work.

No more buts

Listen, I have an idea. For the next 24 hours, (longer if you like), banish the phrase “Yes, but …” from your speech. You know how it goes. You wish you had more, did less, were in different circumstances, and your thoughts go round in a circle, until with a big sigh you say, “Ah, […]

Action Leads to Triumph

The Importance of Action


Brad Gosse and Justin Popovic talk about how important it is to persevere in order to achieve your goals.

Don’t Be Afraid of a Challenge

Don’t Be Afraid of a Challenge

How to Tap Into Good Feelings

It isn’t easy feeling good, especially on those days when things aren’t going so well. However, as we have seen before, our thought vibrations affect what comes into our lives, so if you don’t try to change your thoughts your day won’t get any easier. If you oversleep and then your car breaks down on […]

Clearing Limiting Beliefs

Some beliefs are more easily cleared than others, and there are beliefs that you may not realize you even have. For example, you may desire more money and think that you believe you deserve it, but if deep down in your subconscious you think that money is evil because that is the message your parents […]

Listen to your voice

There are more than enough personal development books that talk about the power of affirmations. I am not here to argue the validity or the science behind affirmations. What I will say is that from my own personal experiences, when you repeat a set of instructions to yourself over and over again, you eventually start […]

What Is Love?

The way we give love to others is often indicative of the way we want to be loved ourselves.

We all give and receive love every day.

Keep a record of what you do for others to show them your love and note the reactions you receive to those actions.

As you observe the significant people in your life and their responses to the different ways, you express love to them; you will soon see how they best “hear” you.

Learning to recognize the things that make us feel loved and then identifying what the significant people in our lives need to feel loved is a beautiful self-growth adventure that will revolutionize our relationship.

Bringing Out The Best In You

Bringing out your best